Suitablee by Jean-Sebastien Siow | EP#01 - Brave New Brands with Daniel Weinmann

Welcome to Brave New Brands, the podcast for us to share The Stories Behind Our Most Authentic Consumer Products.
For our first episode, we have the history of Suitablee, from Jean-Sebastien Siow. The company was launched in October 2015, by him and his brother Jeremie. It started with the idea of coupling old-school tailoring with tech, while always ensuring their products remain accessible and affordable.

They have taken deep dives into artificial intelligence, body scans, and efficiencies to produce perfect-fitting garments at 50% of the price that their competitors can offer. Technology is what differentiates Suitablee from the pack. 

In this episode, we talk about:
  • How Suitablee was born
  • Developing a profitable business
  • Building a team and capacity for your business
  • Creating a future for your company
  • How to understand the customer online

I hope you enjoy our conversation, and can hopefully gain several takeaways for your own journey.

And remember to share your doubts, thoughts, and insights with us! 

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